Hiking offers

vandring Holavedsleden

Guided tour:
We join you as a guide and you get full service with 3 meals a day
This offer is just 2900 SEK for 2 persons per day.
If you are more than two, contact us for price.
We adjust the daily distance according to your ability.
If you have any allergies or have any special requests, just send us an email.

Hiking PLUS
You walk on your own and we provide you with maps, drinks and snacks. At lunch and dinnertime we meet you at the halting place with nice and warm food.
This offer is only 590 SEK per person and day.
If you have any allergies or have any special requests, just send us an email
You can of course get assistance on the way if

Hiking EXTRA
You walk on your own and we provide you with picknick lunch and dinner for one day.  This offer is only 350 SEK per person and day.
You can of course order for more than one day at a time, then we will deliver the meals each day.

We use as much local products as possible in our meals. This ensures that you will get a special experience of the area you are visiting.

vandring i skogen

One of Småland’s oldest and most popular hiking trails is Holavedsleden, full trail is 59 km but it is divided in two routes. The trail goes through a typical Småland woodland with farm plots and lakes, many with spectacular views.

lada vid vägen

Close to Tranås you walk on small forest roads, when you get closer to Gränna you walk on small paths in a more hilly terrain.

Along the road there are three permanent camps with shelters, toilets and fireplaces. If you wish to – we can fix a picknic lunch for you to bring so that you can relax at one of the shelters. Se price and the different packages above.

There are many attractions on the way, including Tegner tower (Forest Tower) located 300 m above sea level and is 27 meters high. From the top there is an amazing view over the landscapes.


The maps are divided to 4 parts – each with some tips on what to find on the way. You find Hult on the map over Part 2.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

If you have any questions or want to make a reservation – send us an email on info@hemmapahult.com or give us a call on +46721599199