Rent a Bike


We can offer rental bikes for longer or shorter periods in the Jönköping area. 

If you rent motor home via Daylight we offer you to return the bike in Jönköping after the rental period. You can of course leave the bike at Hult if you wish to.

Hybrid bike: 28′ with 9 speed,  including mudguards, lock and lights.Hybridcykel

1 day: 350 SEK (+ 1 day 150 SEK)
Weekend: 600 SEK
1 week: 1000 SEK
2 weeks: 1800 SEK
3 weeks: 2600 SEK

Standardbikes: footbrakes, lock and lights (no speeds).

Bascykel Bascykel2

1 day: 250 SEK (+1 day 120 SEK)
weekend: 450 SEK
1 week: 700 SEK
2 weeks: 1300 SEK
3 weeks: 1900 SEK

We also offer:

1 day: 100 SEK (+1 day 80 SEK)
weekend: 300 SEK
1 week: 500 SEK
2 weeks: 800 SEK
3 weeks: 1200 SEK

Basket: (only available to our standard bikes)
1 day: 50 SEK
weekend: 100 SEK
1 week: 150 SEK
2 weeks: 200 SEK
3 weeks: 150 SEK

cykelkorg picknick

Picknick lunch:
We can offer you a cold picknick lunch with homemade bread and a various of Swedish delicacies. Of course you get knife/forks, blanket with your lunch.
2 pers: 200 SEK
4 pers: 350 SEK

If you want to  order or have any questions you can send us an e-mail to or give us a call on +46721599199

The pictures only shows which kind of bikes we offer. It is not a picture of the exakt bike since they varies in color.